5 Beaches in Porto Santo to Visit on your Vacation

Tuesday 24 August 2021 | Travel and Leisure

Are you going to visit Porto Santo? We present 5 beaches in Porto Santo that you can enjoy on your next vacation on the golden island.

Porto Santo belongs to the Madeira archipelago, being the second inhabited island of the archipelago. It is located 500 km from the African coast and 1000 km from Europe, just 1 hour and a half by air.

For many, Porto Santo is known for its yellow sand (hence the name “Golden Island”) and crystal clear waters that invite you to bathe in the sea and sun throughout the year. The sand still has therapeutic properties as in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (rheumatic and orthopedic diseases).

Discover 5 beaches of Porto Santo to visit on your vacation.

If you haven't already, we present below 5 beaches that you should visit during your stay in Porto Santo. These beaches have different conditions that allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of the waters and sands.

Cabeço da Ponta Beach

1 – Cabeço da Ponta Beach

Our first beach is 4km from Vila Baleira city centre. It is a beach very popular with tourists looking for the therapeutic properties of the sands of Porto Santo.

In this place you can find large hotel units, such as ours Vila Baleira Resort, where you can have access to excellent conditions for your accommodation and a wide variety of leisure activities.

2 – Praia da Calheta (Porto Santo)

Photography by GualdimG

Calheta beach is located in the southeast part of the island of Porto Santo, and it is here that the extensive sand begins to end, which begins to present rocks mixed with sand.

In this part of the island you can have a breathtaking view over the Ilhéu da Cal and if you visit the beach on a day with good visibility, you can still see the island of Madeira.

As at Cabeço da Ponta beach, you can enjoy the therapeutic properties of the sand, as well as its warm water. It is a more private beach due to its location.

3 – Cotrim Beach
Our third suggestion is Cotrim beach which is located in Porto dos Frades on the eastern part of the island. On this beach you can find a mixture of sand and pebble with crystalline waters. It is a perfect place for those looking for a quiet spot on the golden island, however this beach does not have bathing support.

In this area you can enjoy a wonderful landscape created by the erosion of the sea and wind.

4 – Praia da Fontinha

Fontinhas beach is one of the most frequented by locals and visitors to the island, with unique natural conditions such as its fine sand, calm, clean and mild sea. On this beach you can find the old city pier.

You will have at your disposal WC, changing rooms, lockers, dining area, umbrellas, sunbeds and first aid station. As well as a car park.

5 – Praia do Penedo
Our fifth recommendation is Praia do Penedo, it is one of the most southeastern beaches of the island, being a very calm beach, ideal for those looking for peace, since it is a beach that is not so popular with visitors and locals.

This beach has a very flat sand and excellent conditions. Like other beaches, it has an excellent water temperature and climate.

Now that you know some of the beaches, you can explore them.

Porto Santo is known for its extensive sand of fine yellow sand, but in this article, we can see that the golden island has several beaches spread across the most varied places on the island.

In addition to relaxing on the beach, you can do levadas and others activities so that you can enjoy an unforgettable vacation, through the well-being that is provided.

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