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Vila Baleira Resort located on Porto Santo Island is the ideal choice for an All Inclusive holiday. Enjoy this island with a long golden sand beach with therapeutic properties, crystal clear turquoise waters and untouched nature. Discover the properties of the heated Sea Water treatments in Thalassotherapy, Golf, nature activities and an entertainment program for the whole family.
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Porto Santo

Porto Santo is a small island in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira. It is known for its warm waters, diving spots and the long sandy beach of Porto Santo. In the capital, Vila Baleira, the Casa Colombo museum has exhibitions of maritime history at the home of the former Italian explorer. Near the summit of Pico de Ana Ferreira, the Pedreira viewpoint has stunning views and a gigantic rock face with columns of various shades.
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Madeira Island

Madeira is the main island of the Madeira archipelago, an autonomous region of Portugal off the northwest coast of Africa. The rugged and volcanic landscape is crossed by levadas (old irrigation channels) with walking trails. A trail goes up to Pico Ruivo. The wineries, which produce Madeira's fortified wine, are spread across the island. On the south coast, the capital, Funchal, is known for its XNUMXth century Cathedral.