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A world of paradises

Feel luxury with the aroma of hospitality, live experiences and eternalise memories. At Vila Baleira, we challenge you to dream big.

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Family Time

Family holidays for unforgettable moments in Porto Santo.

Vila Baleira

From the city to nature

Your starting point for exploring the wonders of the island of Madeira.

Vila Baleira

Tranquillity on the dunes

On golden sand, surrounded by crystal-clear waters. The rest you need for a peaceful holiday.

Vila Baleira
The Luxury of Nature
On Porto Santo beach, between green mountains and imposing cliffs, you can witness the eternal harmony between sea and land.
Vila Baleira


With products from the region and fresh ingredients, we blend tradition with a passion for innovation. Join us on a journey of flavors through kitchens of knowledge.

Unique experiences

The most beautiful adventures and rewarding experiences, designed for every taste. Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

Events and Festivals

A fun-filled stay

Vila Baleira offers several large-scale events throughout the year, which all guests can enjoy during their stay in Madeira and Porto Santo islands. Several of these events are popular worldwide.

Vila Baleira

Discover our events

At Vila Baleira, we celebrate all year round. From local festivals to world events, from gastronomic gatherings to vibrant championships, the fun never stops.

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