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Baths with sea water

Thalassotherapy: Baths with sea water

Thalassotherapy is one of the oldest, most natural and effective anti-stress treatments in the world. Fully compatible with the human body, the treatment is based on baths with seawater heated to 37º, which allow the absorption, through the skin, of the marine elements that exist in large quantities in the seawater. Thalassotherapy also helps prevent and relieve all kinds of diseases related to rheumatism, arthritis and bone and muscle problems.

Baleira Thalasso & Spa is the only thalassotherapy centre that currently exists on the island of Porto Santo. With independent facilities from the Hotel’s, but integrated into the Vila Baleira Complex, the centre is the largest and one of the best equipped in the country in terms of balneotherapy, with a wide range of shower and massage cabins, as well as swimming pools, sauna and steam room, among others. The shower cabins will be closed by 2023, as will the dry sauna and the Turkish bath. The only sauna that will be operational is the Hamamn sauna.

The high quality of the treatments that we have available for the users of the Baleira Thalasso & Spa Center and the variety of combined programmes delight our customers. Take advantage of your holidays to treat yourself too! Visit our centre and select one of the programmes that we have at your disposal, enriching your stay with special attention to your body!

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Balneotherapy: Hot baths with sea water

The therapeutic properties of the bath help to prevent and cure the health problems of an increasingly hectic and busy society. Baleira Thalassa & Spa has a wide range of treatments and programmes at your disposal. Treat yourself and enjoy the softness of seawater on your skin.

The Vitapool circuit is recommended to our guests so that they can make the most of all our balneotherapy facilities. The guest is “invited” to use the different facilities in a certain order and time of use, in order to improve the benefits of seawater. This circuit includes: hydro-massage corridor, relaxation pool and energising pool. Our proposal is indicated for: body relaxation; anti-stress; rheumatism; circulatory, muscular, skin and balance problems. It also helps fight cellulite.
Taking advantage of the properties of Porto Santo seawater, which is collected about 200 metres from the coast, our VITAPOOL circuit allows you to treat your body and relax.

Capacity: Pools 20 pax per circuit

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A body wrap with a three algae paste (Fucus, Laminaria and Lithothamne) enriched with sea salts. Promotes intense remineralisation and restores good shape. Ideal for lovers of natural treatments and thalassotherapy.
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