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About Vila Baleira

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Chose the Vila Baleira Hotels & Resorts because you know you can trust. When the time is right, you can trust that we will be here, ready to welcome you and your family, with open arms and a warm smile.

Vila Baleira Hotels & Resorts

Discovering the Islands

This slogan reflects the meaning of the origin of the discovery of the Islands, but as the path traced for the future. The Vila Baleira group, with 20 years of history, is today recognized for its hospitality as well as the welcoming spirit of our teams and relationship with partners. The group's expansion and investment in Madeira Island was based on the need for complement and synergies with the Island of Porto Santo, seeking to respond to an increasing demand from our loyal customers.
Vila Baleira Hotels & Resorts

Who we are

Currently, the Vila Baleira Hotels & Resorts group is responsible for managing 2 hotel units in the Madeira Archipelago, with a total of 398 rooms and 874 beds in the 4-star segment.

Both hotels are different in concept, but similar in quality, with the Vila Baleira service guarantee.

Vila Baleira Hotels & Resorts

Mission and Philosophy

Vila Baleira Hotels & Resorts and the entire team strive to provide the best service and experience in our hotels on the islands of Porto Santo and Madeira. The concern to listen and please our guests is continuous, with the aim of exceeding expectations and retaining them for a new return.

The group's corporate philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars: People, Product and Communication. We work hard to ensure that these three pillars together are valued in order to guarantee the best final experience for those who visit us.